RockGlass - Premium Full Screen for MagDefence+ for iPhone 14 Pro Max

The only glass with lifetime warranty

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    12 months
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It is natural to protect the things we value.
Your iPhone deserves the very best. RockGlass™ is crafted from the highest quality tempered glass, 5 times harder than normal glass. Enough to keep the most demanding daily traumas at bay. Accidental drops, keys and small change, sand and grit - RockGlass shields and guards, bringing unparalleled protection to your iPhone.

The best tool is invisible, and RockGlass is the ultimate.
Crystal clarity means no barriers to using your iPhone. RockGlass lets FaceID function instantly, and ensures the glories of the iPhone screen shine through undiminished. Millions of colours, rendered brilliantly.

Style and touch are what sets the iPhone apart.
RockGlass is strong, but also immensely thin. Your touch is perfectly interpreted, and the delights of iOS dance at your fingertips, uninterrupted. Your full intentions, precisely implemented.

Strength comes from within.
RockGlass is made from the very highest quality glass, tempered twice, and rated with hardness of 9H - better than steel. This guarantees the highest level of protection to keep your iPhone pristine and safe.

RockGlass: perfect protection, applied simply, with style.
Precision protection needs precise application. The RockGlass solution ensures perfect placement, every time. Whether using the Desktop Applicator in store, or the in-box RockApplicator, your RockGlass will be aligned exactly as required, first time, every time.

RockGlass For Life
RockGlass for Life is the first lifetime warranty program applied to glass protections. RockGlass are the ideal solution for who wants forget about buy a new glass protection every time it breaks, it's enough to register to RockGlass for Life through a simple procedure and you will be covered. To keep your phone perfect and safe won't be a problem anymore with RockGlass for Life! It will be possible to replace your RockGlass Premium every time it's needed.

RockGlass Premium tempered glass in multiple box for MagDefence+

  • Full scratch, scuff and impact resistance
  • Crystal clarity keeps videos and photos pixel-perfect
  • Smooth sensation of real glass feels and responds like the natural screen
  • Fully case-compatible for all-round protection
  • Works with FaceID and the proximity sensor
  • Lifetime Warranty RockGlass for Life