aiino - PopUp portable stand for MacBook

Light and invisible stand for Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iPad

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MacBook is a marvellous device to wotk with, but the low screen placement and fixed keyboard force unconfortable positions, which eventually cause neck and shoulders pains.
Traditional stands are often bulky and not easy to carry, sometimes they take time to be installed, making them not user-frendly and reducing productivity.
PopUp is the ideal solution for those who use the MacBook (or iPad) while traveling or otherwise on the move, allowing you to have the best confort without weighing down or making the MacBook too thick.

aiino PopUp is like a natural part of your computer and allows you to move free and enjoy ergonomic confort anywhere.
As light as paper and as thin as a coin, the aiino PopUp Portable Laptop Stand is perfect for business or vacation and anytime you need to move your MacBook.

Understated while working, invisible when stored or transported, it's like a natural part of your computer.

Intuitive and simple to use. Use PopUp is an easy task: it opens and closes in a second. Goodbye to the frustration of wasting time.

Easy to carry. Weighing just 80 grams and 2 mm thick, it's so light and thin that it's easy to forget. That's why PopUp is always with your MacBook, so you can always take comfort with you.

The lift angle allows a healthy posture, at the same time does not subject the wrists to fatigue while typing, ideal comfort is served.

It attaches to the MacBook with removable glue* that leaves no marks or scratches and can be reused many times.

*The removable glue has been tested on aluminum, on plastic it could be difficult to detach.

- PopUp invisible stand for MacBook/iPad
- User Guide

  • - healthy: improves posture
  • - always with you: attach it to your MacBook or iPad with a removable sticker that leaves no marks or scratches.
  • - invisible: Fold back to flatten the stand against the MacBook and "disappear".
  • - ultralight: only 80 grams
  • - universal: compatible with computers up to 15.6"
  • - robust: withstands up to 8 kg of weight
  • - easy to use: it opens and closes in a second.
  • - dimensions: 23 X 18 X 0,2 cm
  • - Weight: 80 g (product only), 120 g (with package)