Miroir Ultra Pro M631 USB-C Projector 1920×1080p (1080p).

Designed for use with iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple TV, the Miroir Ultra Pro projector 1920×1080p (1080p) delivers HD-quality projection. It’s great for streaming, entertainment or presentation purposes. And it goes anywhere thanks to a compact size that fits in your briefcase or bag. The Ultra Pro also uses a long-lasting LED lamp, so you get a cinema-quality film experience without the need for replacement bulbs.

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Dux Shell is back! The Duo version is now available.

Thanks to the new Duo version of STM Dux Shell, you can easily use your keyboard and keep safe the iPad at the same time. Designed to fit both the Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon, this case offers a high level of protection and a comfortab

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STM Dux Plus Duo for iPad 10.2.

Get the best protection for your new iPad 10.2 thanks to the rugged Dux Plus Duo case of STM! With a durable design, the storage for both Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon and a smart magnetic closure, you can safely bring your device anywhe

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The innovative range of tripods and mounts from Joby.

Joby redefined lighting and photography with the introduction of their game-changing flexible tripods, allowing the content creators to connect and mount their gear in new and unique ways. These innovative solutions break outside of the box

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