La Ville Lumière Theta by Zafferano portable dimmable LED lamp IP65 shiny gold

Illuminate your dreams with style

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    € 195,00
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    12 months

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La Ville Lumière Theta designed by Zafferano is an aluminum lamp with a unique design, available in six different colors and suitable for any living and hospitality space. Let yourself be wrapped by its warm light, adjusting its intensity to always create the perfect atmosphere and enhance any environment.
Thanks to IP65 protection, THETA wireless lamp is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage: a design lamp ideal for illuminating any space, from the garden to the bedroom and ideal on the bedside table as well. It is widely used in office spaces and as a restaurant lamp to enjoy lunches and dinners with the perfect light.
The lithium battery has a guaranteed life of more than 9 hours, making Theta one of the longest lasting table lamps on the market. The lamp works correctly both on battery and connected to the electrical socket thanks to its wireless contact charging base.
Turned on and off with a quick touch on the dimmer button of the lampshade, its color temperature (2700 - 4000 K) is easily configurable by pressing and turning the switch. For this reason it guarantees maximum performance even when reading.
With La Ville Lumière Theta, charging takes place via an innovative contact charging base: the experience is even more wireless and portable. Just connect the contact base to the adapter included in the package and simply place Theta on the contact charging base. Theta recharges in just 6 hours.
The unique Theta lampshade guarantees full illumination on the table, while the warm white and anti-glare light adjustable from 2700K to 4000k creates an ideal atmosphere anywhere and fits perfectly in any environment. The 150 lumens LED lighting also saves energy and costs in the long run. Theta's lithium battery lasts 9 hours at maximum power. Enjoy a dinner, an evening with friends, reading a good book without any problems. To recharge Theta then simply place it on the charging contact base.
Theta has an IP65 protection against liquids, ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Use Theta as a lamp in the living room, as a reading light on the bedside table in the bedroom. But not only that: you can also use it outdoors without hesitation. It is a must for terraces, balconies or gardens at any time of the year.
This splendid lamp comes with an innovative, elegant and modern design. Lightweight and easy to carry, Theta takes up little space, blends in with any environment and light condition. Available in 6 different colors, use it at home, in the office, in the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony or in restaurants and accommodation facilities. Theta will make your space bright and comfortable, in a mix of style and functionality.

1x Theta Lamp
1x Single Contact Charging Base
1x USB cable
1x Plug Adapter Charger

  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Dimmable
  • Essential
  • Functional
  • IP65
  • Designed by Zafferano
  • Wireless
  • LED lighting
  • Button Control
  • Color temperature configuration
  • 1. Tips for use:
  • This product is exclusively for lighting purposes and:
  • A) It must not be exposed to heavy mechanical loads or contamination; B) It can be installed and used only after checking the state of the
  • product; check that is not dirty and has not been damaged during storage; C) Installation and maintenance must be carried out when the appliance
  • is switched off; D) Any alterations to the product, any tampering and any failure to comply with the instructions provided may make the
  • appliance hazardous; E) The assembled lamp (head + frame), reaches an IP65 degree of protection which makes it suitable for outdoor use. The
  • light diffuser only (head) has a degree of protection IP20 and used individually is not suitable for outdoor use; F) All metal and plastic surfaces
  • should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth; G) The company Zafferano shall not be held liable for any damage caused due to its products being
  • assembled in any manner that does not comply with the instructions provided.
  • 2. Technical data:
  • - Power: 2,2 W
  • - Volt: DC 5 V
  • - Lumen lamp: 144-150 lm
  • - Lithium battery pack included: 18650 3,7V 2x2200mA/H; We recommend using an original battery pack as a replacement.
  • - Charge: 6 h
  • - Battery life: 9 h
  • - Class: II
  • - Protection rating: IP65
  • - CRI>80
  • 3. Charger:
  • - Contact charging base: INPUT AC220-240V 50/60Hz;OUTPUT 5Vdc - 1A; USB line 1.2 Mt.
  • - Multi-contact charging base: INPUT AC220-240V 50/60Hz;OUTPUT 5Vdc - 5A; USB line 1.2 Mt.
  • - The lamp also operates properly when connected to the mains power supply.
  • - It is advisable to use the original charger and charging base. Alternatively, you can use a certified 1A max. charger.
  • 4. Important:
  • - We recommend cleaning using only a soft, dry cloth. The use of aggressive cleaning agents or abrasive cloths, and any accidental knocks, may damage the delicate leaf finish.
  • - The support surface for the lamp must not exceed a 15° tilt or it will fall.
  • - The battery has an overload and over discharge protection function.
  • - To preserve the integrity of the battery, we recommend keeping the charge between minimum 20% and maximum 80%; if the lamp is not used for long periods, it is advisable to regularly charge/discharge the product.
  • - Please refer to local laws for the proper disposal and recycling of the battery.