Whoosh! Screen Shine GO Portable Sprayer 30 ml & W! antimicrobial cloth

Convenient size for keeping your smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors and portable gaming systems clean. TSA compliant / travel size. Great for carry-on or laptop bags!

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WHOOSH! Screen Shine is a superior, powerful, non-toxic cleaner specifically designed to clean ALL screens including smartphones, iPhones, iPads, iPod, tablets, computers, laptops, camera screens, televisions, satnavs, handheld consoles, e-readers and more.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine cleans and polishes screens leaving them clear and shiny; just like new! The natural, environmentally friendly formula removes dust, dirt, bacteria, makeup, smudges, skin oils and fingerprints, with no harmful residues left behind, leaving your device hygienically clean.

Safe for ALL screens, it won't harm, damage, scratch or etch sensitive screens or original manufacturer coatings.

Alcohol-free, ammonia-free, haze-free, anti-static and streak-free, the non-toxic formulation protects against the build up of fingerprints. Our proprietary polymers leave a Nano-thin, invisible coating that provides ongoing resistance to dust, dirt, oils and fingerprints.

Also great for gamers as it allows their fingers to breeze across the screen with less friction, resulting in faster gameplay, greater accuracy and higher scores.

30ml bottle of WHOOSH! Screen Shine (approx 250 sprays) and an ultra-soft microfiber cleaning cloth.

  • A powerful, non-toxic screen cleaner designed for use on ALL screens, consumer electronics and mobile devices
  • Convenient 30ml travel-size spray bottle with ultra soft microfiber cloth - approximately 250 sprays
  • Safe for all screens - will not damage, scratch or etch sensitive screen coatings. Perfect for smartphones, tablets, laptops, satnavs, MP3 players, TV screens, e-readers, kids games consoles and more
  • Keeps your screens and devices clean, clear and free from bacteria - remove dust, germs, dirt, make-up, smudges, fingerprints, oils etc. and make your screen shine like new
  • Completely natural, alcohol-free, ammonia-free, streak-free, anti-static formulation with no harmful residues. Provides ongoing resistance to fingerprints, dust, dirt, oils etc.