Always connected with aiino Crumb.

Compact, ultra-light and durable, Crumb from aiino is a USB-C to USB-A portable adapter that connects your USB-A devices to any MacBook or iPad equipped with a USB-C port.


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Perfect for any wrist.

Kosmo is the band from aiino made of soft silicone and equipped with a secure magnetic closure. Easy to attach and adjust, it ensures a total and perfect fit for any wrist.

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Feel free to live your time with no limits.

Flow for Apple Watch Ultra is the perfect case to absorb impacts and dissipate shocks before they reach the screen or the body of the device. Made of tempered glass and polycarbonate, it lets you live any adventure with no worries.

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Learning is funny with Roller Educational from aiino.

Roller Educational is the perfect case for iPad to fully integrate technology into schools, creating a perfect synergy between teachers, students and advanced learning methods. It protects the device at best, letting every child learn and h

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Freedom of movement with aiino Wop.

Wop is a smart adjustable lanyard for smartphones. Convenient and easy to install, Wop is compatible with any full wrap case and allows you to carry your iPhone anywhere, ensuring total freedom of movement.

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Never without aiino Essential again.

Essential is a 4 in 1 hub from aiino with a sleek and elegant design. Equipped with two USB-A port, one HDMI port and one USB-C port, it is the perfect accessory for all your daily activities.

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Double charging with aiino Twins.

Twins is a 40W wall charger with two USB-C ports. Designed for quickly and conveniently charging two devices at the same time, it is the perfect accessory for home or office.

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