Pictar Smart Selfie Stick Black/SIlver

The power to capture perfect selfies - now at your fingertips

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The power to captureperfect selfies -now at your fingertips! Pictar Smart Stickis the world's most advanced selfie stick with a 6-button control panel built into the handle, allowing a variety of functions even when the stick is fully extended. You can easily control the tilt of the phone relative to the stick to determine the perfect shooting angle, use the zoom function, adjust image brightness, switch between the front and rear camera and many other functions. Pictar Smart Stick includes the powerful and easy-to-use Pictar app that offers 20shooting modesfor taking better selfies in any situation. Pictar Smart Stick features a rechargeable battery and comes in three fashionable colors. It is suitable for all major iPhone and Android models, without having to remove the phone cover.

Remote tilt control
A tiny electric motor located at the top of the stick, remotely controlled by the main panel, enables tilting between 0oand 270odegrees to quickly and easily reach the optimal shooting angle, without the hassle of folding and extending the stick.

Control panel for full control in any situation
The control panel located on the handle allows full control of all photographic functions,even when the stickis fully extended.You can set the phone'sangle, switch between front and rear camera, take a still image or shootvideo, zoom in or out, control imagebrightness, and select between the 20extremely useful shooting modes offeredby thePictar app.

The control panel has 6 buttons at your fingertips, allowing unmatched control over your phone’s camera without touching the screen:
Phone angle contro
Pictar App modesselector
Front / Rear phone camera selector
Multi-state shutter release (half-press locks focus and exposure, full press shoots)
Exposure control –bright/dark
Zoom in / Zoom out

Pictar App inside!
The Pictar App was created to enable better selfies, stills and video clips. The app includes 20useful photography modes adapted to a wide range of situations, such as a trip or vacation, family entertainment with the kids or a fun night out with the guys. Select the appropriate shooting mode and you'll see immediately how image quality improves.

Wireless ultrasonic connection
The next generation of wireless connectivity uses a high voice frequency to transmit information between the control panel and the phone. Enjoy instant connection between the selfie stick and the phone andreduce drain on your phone's battery (relative to Bluetooth connection).

Rubber-coated handle
The generous, elegant-looking rubber coating prevents slippage and contributes to a more stable and pleasant grip of the stick.

Battery recharging
Pictar Smart Stick offers constant use of up to800selfiesandcan be easily charged using a Micro USB cable (provided with the device).

Tripod socket
With astandard tripod connection (¼ 20") at the base of the stick, you can connect a tripod / monopod to expand the use of Pictar Smart Stick.

Control Panel -full control over the phone’s camera
Tilt control –motorized adjustability, via control panel
Pictar App including 20pre-set modes for image improvement
Ultrasonic wireless connectionfor instant pairing and phone’s energy saving
Rechargeable battery
Rubber coated handle
Full extension-up to 32.7 inches / 83 cm
Tripod socket
Fits most leading iPhone / Android models
Colors: Silver Black / Smokey White / MillennialPink

1x Pictar Smart Stickwith rechargeable battery
1x Micro USB charging cable
1x User manual

  • Rechargeable Battery–Up to 800 selfies between charging
  • ¼ 20” standard tripod socket
  • Spring-loaded multi-fit phone clamp
  • Wireless type: Ultrasonic
  • Dimensions
  • Length: Folded: 29cm
  • Length: Extended: 83cm
  • Weight: 180 Gram